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Shadowville All-Stars

понедельник, 6 июня 2011 г.
Will Dockery 08:27:35
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Will Dockery 08:24:37
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вторник, 1 декабря 2009 г.
"Dream Tears" / Will Dockery & The ... Will Dockery 11:03:56­om/watch?v=gX035Ybaf­x4

"Dream Tears" / Will Dockery & The Shadowville All-Stars
Written by Will Dockery & Brian Mallard / Guitar - Brian Mallard / Harmonica - Gary Frankfurth / Flute - John Joiner / Vocal - Will Dockery.
Video appearances by: Randy Dameron, Darlene Dameron, Eileen D'esterno, Doris Cox, Steve Scott, Gene Woolfolk Jr., Jim Patrick & Will Dockery.

Dream Tears

When the mill shut down
we hit the pavement with a thud
then we got up and kept walking.
Some to the workhouse
some to the poorhouse
some to the whorehouse
and the grave.

This battered old shell
looks like a death mask.
Step into this dream
only real to the sleeper.
Like in a dream
where you wake up laughing.

Games people play
all a cool illusion.
Dragging pulling me back
across my tattered brow.
unholy afternoon of dreams.

Lovers are gone
sometimes the door opens.
Mistaken for a human being
a hilarious dream.

I went to sleep in another town
dreamed I was living in another time
life's like that sometimes kinda.
Miss her everyday...
she won't go away.

Push the hair out of your eyes
wipe back your tears.
Let the wind blow through
this unholy afternoon of dreams.

Lucky to hear the Pluto girls dance
the ground was glowing.
Would you like to see the dwarf planet split?
With one little karate chop.
Every day...
she won't go away.

Will Dockery (words)/Brian Mallard (music)

© 2009 - Will Dockery
вторник, 15 августа 2006 г.
"Ozone Stigmata" by Will Dockery Will Dockery 10:30:01
"Ozone Stigmata" by Will Dockery

Ozone Stigmata

On another level
about a thousand years ago-
I tried to hold her
and my heart won't let go.
In countess variations
just another two old souls.
And this net... net... net...
Don't let go the coat!

On a handbasket from Hell
I hold the handle.
Hand basket from Hell
both sides of the candle.

Read her note yesterday
the memory made me cry.
I drempt I got back to her
over time and over miles.
In this shaky kingdom
My first light that was true..
This light... light... light...
I raise a lantern for you!

Handbasket from Hell,
I tip the conductor.
Handbasket from Hell
I should sue the doctor.

I can hear you calling
from 10, 000 light years away.
And I'd be there with you
but I can't afford to stay.
I remember every hour
8 times a day...
This night... night... night...
The flames are cold and blue.

Handbasket from Hell
all across Christmas.
Handbasket from Hell
I wonder if they missed us...

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Shadowville All-Stars

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